The Hippopotamus

  • Sheri Linden Jan 18, 2017

    Ted’s crackling observations — the fuel that drives the movie — have the fluency and rapier wit of a diligent, erudite mind. The role is a welcome lead turn for Allam, who’s more than up for the plummy putdowns, as well as the dashes of slapstick

  • Amie Cranswick May 26, 2017

    Adapted from a novel of the same name, The Hippopotamus takes murder mystery tropes, keeps the mystery, substitutes murder and gives us a gloriously odious washed up poet Poirot to reckon with. Roger Allam’s Ted Wallace is pompously appealing from the first frame, lacing his cyanide dipped voiceover with luxuriant expletives, intellectual entitlement and an abundant surplus of vulgar vocabulary.

  • Taryll Baker May 28, 2017

    As the screen opens we are instantly greeted by the huffy Ted Wallace. Presented with a delightfully promising diegesis, Stephen Fry’s first screen adaption quickly becomes mysteriously investing. With Roger Allam - playing a disgruntled poet-turned-theatrical critic who presents a likeable, convivial charm that occasionally bursts through his bitterly and waspish personality - we are unexpectedly drawn into the situation by virtue of his realistically poignant performance.

  • Mike McCahill Jun 21, 2017

    Jonathan Pryce in Dough, Roger Allam here – it’s a week of under-filmed performers lending gravitas to light-middleweight material.